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Wonderful work sharpening my knives.May

Fast and sharp

I had Sidney sharpen my hairstyling scissors. I was amazed how quickly they were returned and how sharp they were. Thanks so much Sidney.

Sidney,There is Sharp! There is really sharp! But I like what you do, Kill Bill Sharp. Thanks.

Thank you so much for sharpening my scissors. I love them! They are so much better. Thanks again!

Thank you Sidney, you did an awesome job sharpening my scissors.

Scissor Sharpening Experts

Maintaning the manufacturers origional sharpened angle is very important. It’s what makes the scissor cut well. A poorly sharpened angle can make a thousand dollar scissor cut like a fifty dollar scissor. I always check the angle of each scissor I sharpen on my razor angle gauge. It’s that important.

laser_angle_gauge_01Why should you want me to sharpen your hairstyling schears? Recently I picked up a few shears for sharpening. One of them appeared to be a high quality Japanese scissors. I measured the sharpened angle to be 35 degrees (very sharp) and proceeded to to sharpen them at that angle. Later I was given another of the same scissor; my Razer Angle Gauge measured the sharpened angle at 48 degrees (unacceptable). I sharpened it at the correct35 degrees. Why somebody would chop 13 degrees off that good scissor is beyound my ability to understand. I see many scissors that don’t come close to manufactures specifications. That’s why

Are your scissors & shears sharpened at a proper angle? I can show you with my laser angle gauge.

Hair-styling Scissor & Shear Sharpening Is a Science, Is an Art

Both are true. Science: is the goals that need to be achieved. Art: is how to reach the goals.

Are all scissor & shear sharpeners the same? Definitely Not! 3 things make a hair-styling scissor cut well:

  1. The sharpened angle should be 45 degrees or sharper. The correct angle should be easy, but I’ve seen many sharpeners who don’t even come close. (See below in Getting Technical.)
  2. The hone line–the flat spot on the inside edge of the scissor blade–must be thin and smooth. A thin smooth, hone line-that takes a lot of skill. Otherwise the scissors will not open and close smoothly, and the blades will dull quickly.
  3. The scissor blades must be bent slightly towards each other. It is called the “set” or “balance”. This is the most difficult to accomplish. If the blades don’t meet properly, the scissors won’t cut well, especially towards the tips.

I do these things very well. I can create an edge design especially for Point Cutting, or Regular Cutting or Slide Cutting. The right edge design makes great hair cuts easier and more precise.

Righty & Lefty Scissor Sharpening, I put a proper factory edge whether it is beveled or convex. I know how difficult it is to find a sharpener who does it correctly.

I have the equipment and expertise to sharpen your Japanese hair-styling scissors & shears and German hairdressing scissors like new. I have been sharpening scissors & shears since 1981 — $25.00 each pair of scissors.

Over time, bad sharpeners can damage good scissors. What are you going to do with those scissors you used to love? Buy new ones? NO! Have me sharpen them so you can love them again.

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