Do you offer sharpening services via the mail?

Yes – Hair styling scissors, Cuticle Nippers, Tweezers and Household Scissors. Free Return Shipping on orders of $20.00 or more.

What are your prices?

My prices are as follows:

  • Hairstyling scissors sharpened – $20.00 (mail order) / $25.00 (mobile) ; Missing bumper & washer included.
  • Finger rings each – $2.00
  • Finger tang replacement – $5.00
  • Screw or finger nut replacement – $5.00
  • Household scissors – $5.00
  • Cuticle nipper sharpening – $5.00
  • Nipper spring replacement each – $2.00 ; Springs attached with rivets not screws can not be replaced.
  • Tweezer sharpening & conditioning – $5.00
  • Factory Scissors- Call for Quote
  • Return shipping by Priority Mail per package (Under $19) – $8.00

Need multiple scissors or shears sharpened? Sidney Expert Sharperner’s offers FREE return shipping on orders over $19!

Whats the turn around time for your sharping service?

I will mail your items back the next day.

What are your qualifications?

I have over 30 years experience and am certified as a Master Sharpener by the NATIONAL SHEAR SHARPENERS GUILD

Should I package my items any special way to send to you?

I recommend each item be wrapped individually, and all items be placed securely in the same box to be shipped to me.

Do you accept charge cards?

Yes, I accept charge cards via my website https://www.expertsharpeners.com. I also accept checks.