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Your scissor should be wiped after each use with a clean towel. At the end of the day you should put the smallest drop of oil on top of the screw and on the “ride” line, at the back of the scissor behind the screw. The smallest drop of oil, there is no need to… Continue Reading

The Spine of the scissors:

The spine is the power of the scissors. All styling scissor blades have a slight bend inward towards the opposite blade (called the set of the blade). This converging force at the point where the blades meet causes the hair to be cut. The stiffness of the spine is the force that makes this happen.… Continue Reading

There are two types of steel most hair-styling scissors are made from:

Cast steel: is liquid metal pored into a mold and then ground into shape. Many scissors that say “Japanese steel” are cast. Forged steel: is made by heating and hammering rolled steel into shape. It is then ground into the final finish. Under a microscope, the forged steel molecules are more densely packed together. This… Continue Reading