Certified Master Sharpener - Sidney's Expert Scissor Sharpening

Hairstyling scissor sharpening requires:

  • Excellent eye hand coordination.
  • Depth of knowledge from experience and training.
  • Precision equipment.

I have been certified Master sharpener 2008 by the National Shear Sharpeners Guild. There are only 25 NSSG Master Sharpeners in 26 years. Even after all these years, I learn something new at every NSSG seminar. In 2009 and again in 2010, 2011 & 2012, I was the instructor for back to basics class.

In 2013, I instructed at IBSA, International Beauty Sharpening Association.

As early as I can remember, I was always working with my hands. I loved shop classes in school. I could do anything. After school I became a hairstylist. I worked in Brooklyn for a while, then Manhattan on the East Side. When my parents retired to Florida, my wife Jackie and I followed them. We had two salons in Boca Raton, one at a time.

In Florida I sent my two favorite scissors to be sharpened. What a disaster, they were ruined. They wouldn’t cut hair: they wouldn’t even bend hair, it just slid between the blades. I decided then to learn how to sharpen scissors. Sharpening began as a hobby in 1975. By 1981 I was good enough to do sharpening for Atlantic Beauty Supply.

August 1997 we sold our salon and moved to Los Angeles. I purchased my Rapid Edge Sharpener, and have been full time sharpening since then. I love it. I work with my hands, and can take all the time to make my sharpening great. I have one speed, its called DO IT RIGHT. This goes for righty or lefty shears. I put a factory quality edge on the scissors whether it is beveled or convex edge.

I am mobile, I come to you in Los Angeles and the cities north of the 10 freeway including Beverly Hills, Hollywood North Hollywood, Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena, Arcadia, Azusa Monterey Park, Covina, Santa Clarita, Valencia. I will also go to some cities just south of the 10 freeway like Whittier and Montebello.

I can make different edges depending on the use of the scissors; General cutting, Slide cutting, Point cutting and Regular cutting. The right edge makes your cutting easier. I love to work with tools. I have over twenty five thousand dollars worth of sharpening tools in my van. I have seen and tested almost every scissor sharpening machine.

scissor sharpening kitI’ll keep my Rapid Edge Sharpener, a state of the art – water cooled – five head – honing machine→

I don’t tell engaging stories; and don’t start me on politics. I am just the best scissor sharpener you might ever meet.

Life is great now. The kids area gone, the mortgage is small, and I can work at my own pace. My hobby is now my vocation.

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